Philadelphia, PA
Our deep involvement in all disciplines of off road competition guarantees the toughness and durability of our products. Racing is at the core of our company, and the feedback we gain through our racing program is vital to the quality of our product line. You can follow all of our racing updates through our Facebook page.
Clockwork Team Riders
Cole Kirkpatrick, Steve Leivan, Ryder Lafferty, Chris Douglas, Shawn Levesque, Nick Hunter, Pete Laubmeier, Jerod Stoner, Ethan Jaudas, Michael Meresca, Zack Huberty, Phil Smith, Brian Temple, Jason Klammer, Josh Young, Jason Sipe, Kevin Cockayne, Mike Berenbak, Zach Love, J.B. Love, Matt Crouch, Jesse Santucci, Marty Michels, Carter York, Kenny Beach, Shane Hufford, Sarah Baldwin, Jesse Aresenault, Macon Ezell, Clint Parker, Rex Hugel, Ryan Moss, Nick Kordana, Johnny Girroir, Mike McGinnis, Mark Heresco, Brian McAllinney, Mandi Mastin, Chance Wyllie, Caleb Haynes, Josh Weisenfels.